Who we are


The Office of Financial System Mediator is a team of knowledgeable and professional specialists. It is called to resolve disputes between the individuals and financial institutions. The dispute resolution is free of charge and without delay.

Established pursuant to the Republic of Armenia Law on Financial System Mediator, the Office has been functioning since January 24, 2009. Its founder is the Central Bank of Armenia.

The Office is an establishment with an independent management system. The Mediator is appointed by the Board of Trustees of the Office and reports to the Board of Trustees direct. The members of the Board of Trustees are appointed as follows: one member by the Republic of Armenia Government, one member by the Board of the Central Bank of Armenia, four members by unions of organizations, and one member by organizations that advocate protection of consumer rights.

The Office is funded by financial institutions (banks, credit organizations, insurance companies, pawnshops, etc.) licensed by the Central Bank through regular mandatory fees, as prescribed by law. The amount of these fees is set for each type of organization under the law. The share of each organization in total contributions is small.

The Office performs in pursuit of the following objectives: protection of consumer rights and interests in the financial market, fast, effective and free review and handling of client claims, and enhancement of public confidence in the financial sector.