Make a complaint


Before you appeal to the Mediator with your case, you need to submit your complaint/claim to the Financial Institution in writing or any other way acceptable to the institution. The financial institution must have a brief description of the complaint handling process, an explanatory note to dispute resolution and a form of application for complaint published on its website and at the place where it normally conducts its business.

Make sure that your complaint addressed to financial institution includes:

 - your first name, last name
 - contact details (including place of residence and phone number)
 - description of the complaint
 - property claim which is brought against the financial institution

The Mediator may examine your complaint if you have incurred or incur property or monetary loss as a consequence of action or inaction by the financial institution in question.

You can appeal to the Mediator with a property claim 
not exceeding AMD 10 (ten) million.

Keep the copy of the application addressed to financial institution!

In case you have difficulty in completing a complaint, you can apply to the Office of Financial System Mediator. We will be happy to help you write the complaint addressed to financial institution.

A typical example of complaint/claim can be found here.


If the financial institution’s response to your complaint/claim is not satisfactory or if you have not received a response in writing from that financial institution within 10 (ten) working days, you can appeal to the Financial System Mediator.

You can appeal to the Mediator by:

 - Completing the application online and putting an electronic signature
 - Handing it personally by visiting our Office or sending it through courier mail

M. Khorenatsi St. 15, Yerevan 0010, Armenia
"Elite Plaza" Business Center, 7th Floor



You can also apply to the Mediator by writing a free-format letter which shall, however, meet the requirements laid down in the Republic of Armenia Law on Financial System Mediator. Specifically, it shall include information on:


You can also authorize a person to appeal to the Mediator. In this case, a copy of the power of attorney, which certifies authorities of the representative and issued in a duly manner, will be submitted.

The copy of the power of attorney can be downloaded here, and a typical example of the power of attorney can be found here.