Your steps

f you are an individual (natural person) and have used financial services of Financial Institutions or apply to use them, as a result of which you have a complaint and/or claim against the Financial Institution, you can contact the Office of Financial System Mediator.

You have the right to appeal to the Financial System Mediator, whether or not such a right is given in the contract concluded between you and the financial institution.

Any arrangement, covenant or clause that restricts your right to appeal to the Financial System Mediator is null and void.

The services of Mediator are free of charge.

To find out whether your claim is subject to review by the Mediator, you can pass the test by answering the 
following questions:

Be aware that before your claim is accepted for review by the Mediator make sure you have submitted it to the Financial Institution within one year from the moment your right was violated.

Submit your complaint/claim to the financial institution

If the review of your claim is within the scope of Mediator competence, you can 
complete the application and submit it to the Office for examination by selecting one of the options below, which one is most convenient for you.

 - Online, by putting an electronic signature

The Office of Financial System Mediator will only examine the applications which carry an electronic signature and which meet the requirements laid down in the Republic of Armenia Law on “Electronic Document and Electronic Digital Signature”.

 - Hand it personally by visiting our Office or send it through courier mail

M. Khorenatsi St. 15, Yerevan 0010, Armenia,
"Elite Plaza" Business Center, 7th Floor

You can also apply to the Mediator by writing a free-format letter which shall, however, meet the requirements laid down in the Republic of Armenia Law on Financial System Mediator.

A detailed procedure on how to submit your complaint/claim to the Mediator is available