INFO 2016 Conference



Financial System Mediator of Armenia is a member of the International Network of Financial Ombudsman Schemes (the INFO Network) since 2009. The INFO Network, which as of August, 2016 has 59 member schemes from 38 jurisdictions, is a worldwide association of financial services ombudsmen and other independent offices operating as out-of-court dispute resolution mechanisms in the financial sector. The highlight of the INFO Network’s annual calendar is its INFO conference, which attracts many delegates from around the world. 

Being the pioneer in the region, Financial System Mediator of Armenia had an honor to host INFO2016 conference in Yerevan, Armenia on September 18-21! “Defining Individuality Going Global” was the theme of the conference. The programme of the conference was developed in a way to emphasize how the cultural heritage impacts the way Ombudsman schemes think, act and work, as well as how different Ombudsman schemes view fairness, transparency and confidentiality, and how schemes build complaints resolution processes and procedures. Seventy participants of the INFO2016 conference were representatives of various Financial Ombudsman Schemes from 29 countries. 

The topics of the conference were presented interactively through group exercises, on-spot interviews, coaching and polling. A range of topics were discussed during the three-day conference, including: - Cultural particularities influencing Ombudsman schemes 
- Fairness in different legal cultures 
- Hot topics in banking, insurance and investments
- Mediation as a tool to achieve real justice 
- Media relations strategy in difficult situations 
- Jurisdictional limits and boundaries for the Ombudsman 
- Binding vs. non-binding decisions of the Ombudsman. 

The FSM organized some social activities as well in order to represent Armenia’s cultural heritage to the participants of the conference. 

The INFO2017 conference will be hosted by Financial Ombudsman Service of Australia in Melbourne on September 24-27, 2017.