Frequently Asked Questions

You need to submit:


  1. Your passport and the vehicle registration certificate, providing visibility of all the necessary pages;
  2. Decision-notification from the insurance company;
  3. Results of the auto-technical and product expert analysis;
  4. If you are applying for compensation for damage to real estate, such as a house, garage, etc. or for damage to movable property, such as agricultural machinery, equipment, etc., then you must submit documents confirming your ownership of this property;
  5. Power of attorney if you are acting on behalf of another person. An example of a power of attorney can be downloaded here, and a typical example of a completed power of attorney can be seen here.

If necessary, the following documents also may be required to be submitted:


  1. Insurance contract concluded with an insurance company;
  2. Traffic protocol, which was drawn up in connection with the event or an agreed declaration;
  3. Photos of the damaged vehicle, the scene of the accident;
  4. If you have any video or recording related to the incident, please submit them as well;
  5. In case of any damage, please provide all documents related to the treatment: epicrises, research results, payment coupons;
  6. Any other document in your possession that is relevant to your case.